Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

Our 4th of July started off by helping Tyson and his work in the Rupert parade. The four of us drove to Rupert ID in a big moving truck with the company's name on it. The boys thought is was cool being in a big big truck. At the parade Tyson's boss drove the truck while Wyatt and I rode inside it handing Tyson and Hunter balloons with candy attached for them to hand to the kids watching the parade. Hunter had so much fun running/walking behind the truck handing out balloons and candy. We ran out of candy before the parade was over so then we just sat on the back of the truck and waved to everyone (Wyatt liked that part). When we got back to Twin Falls, Wyatt and I took a nap (so he/we could stay up late for fireworks), while Tyson took Hunter fishing just down the street a couple of miles. Tyson and Hunter caught 5 fish, 2 of them were at least 15 inches long. When they got home we BBQ hamburger and hand yummy corn on the cob. We meet some of our friends and the high school down the street to watch the city's firework show. I think we were to far away from the fireworks for the kids to sit there and watch them, they just kept playing baseball instead. When we got back home we did a few fireworks of our own in the front yard, which was cool cause this would NEVER be legal in California (there were some big ones). Wyatt only liked the little fountain ones, and when the big ones went off he would run inside the house. I eventually got him to come back outside but we hand to cover his ears. It was a fun day spent with our family and friends.
Sitting in the big truck

Ready for the Parade to start

Tyson forgot his camera, so these were taken from his phone.

Excited to go see the fireworks

Hunter with his friend Issac

Wyatt and his friend Dayton

Wyatt with friends Levi, and Hyrum

Doing some fireworks in our front yard

Hunter put on the show for us by lighting all the fireworks. The best part was watching him run like a mad man back to us after he would lit a firework.

Wyatt with the sensitive ears.

Watching our own fireworks

Wyatt didn't want to go to bed when we were done with the fireworks, he brought his bat and ball out and wanted to play. Didn't happen. Bed time!