Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Driving Rage

Yesterday Tyson and I took the boys to the driving rage to meet up with our friends Dave and Tony Hall to hit some golf balls. The boys had so much fun, especially Hunter. He was getting pretty good and came close a few times trying to hit the golf cart that was in the field collecting the balls. By the time Hunter was done hitting all his balls he was sweating. Wyatt, funny as usual, was a crack up to watch hit the ball, especially when Tyson set up a little basket for him to try and hit the balls into. After hitting a few balls, he became more interested in collecting the balls. Tyson and I each hit about 10 balls (I was quite the site to see), and left the rest to the boys. It was a beautiful evening (especially cause there was a good amount of shade. The boys (mainly Hunter) can't wait to go to the driving range again.

Eyeing his shot (Tyson set up a small basket for him to try and hit the ball into).

Both boys getting ready to T off.

Yes I'm 39+ weeks pregnant and hitting golf balls. Hunter was sweet and would set the ball up for me so I didn't have to bend over. 

Taking a break

Day dreaming (it only lasted for a minute and then back to hitting some more golf balls).


Elise said...

Sounds like my kind of fun! You are a good sport being 39 weeks and all. Good luck with the new baby!!