Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Power Outage

The other day I got a message on my phone saying that the power company was going to be turning off our power on Monday from 10 to 2 for maintenance. So I took the boys to the library for story time and to get new books, and we ran a few errands and come home to the power still on. I thought cool, it must be next Monday and we'll be in Utah. Well Hunter had a baseball game last night and it was HOT! There was no breeze and when we got home around 8:45pm the inside of our house was 87 degrees. Tyson left to go play basketball at 9 so the boys and I were at home doing our own thing when around 10pm the power goes out. Which by now after having the fans and big fan blowing air from outside of our home to the inside to try and cool it down is still about 86 degrees inside. It was HOT! So I got out some packages of glow stick bracelets, and a few box of the firework poppers and took a chair out side and let the boys run around cause it was cooler outside then inside. We were out there till about 11:30pm and I did not want to go inside, to the boys and I meet up with Tyson and we went to McDonald's (just before they closed at midnight) to get and ice cream cone. Then we came home and "tried to go to sleep". The power came back on at 1:19am and the fans in the house started to help cool things down. Thank goodness, cause I couldn't sleep it was just too hot.


Sarah W. said...

I used to love power outages when I was younger! It was always in the dead of summer when it was blazing hot, but I dont remember being bothered by the heat. We would play hide and seek with flash lights. Glow stick would have been so fun!
Where in Idaho do you live?? Im visiting my brothers family in Rexburg at the end of this month, it would be fun to see you!