Sunday, July 22, 2012

Washable Marker

Yesterday evening I was painting some crafts and wasn't paying attention to Wyatt (I thought he was coloring in his spiderman coloring book). The other day Wyatt got upset because Tyson had colored spiderman's eyes black in Wyatt's coloring book. Well, yesterday Wyatt decided that he wanted black eyes like dad drew on spiderman. When he showed me I was upset and told him to go to the bathroom and and wash it off. I then decided to take a picture (he didn't want to smile cause he was in trouble). The funniest part is that the majority of the marker was on his eyelids like black eye shadow. And just so you know, washable maker still stays on the skin for a couple days. 


Holli Kim said...

how funny he looks so much older in this pic! I hope its not to long before i can see you an your boys again, cant wait to see pic of Dustin!!