Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July's Utah Trip

On Sunday July 7th the boys and I drove down to Utah to be with the family and mostly to be at the temple when Mom and Jay got married. The sealing (marriage) was on Tuesday morning, it was a beautiful sealing with family and close friends there. Grandma Cookie was awesome and watched the kids outside the temple during the sealing. Afterwards we went to Aunt Jenny's house for a lunch in, and then the newlyweds took off for their honeymoon. The boys and I stayed at Tiff & Chet's house till Thursday and then headed back to Idaho. The kids played in the little pool most of the time during the day, and on Wednesday we took them to Trafalgas a family fun center. We always have such a great time when we go to Utah and visit with family.

Hunter is slouched down because he is pushing on the gas pedal.

Waiting in line to ride the go karts

Before the ride started

After the ride started

Before the ride started

After the ride started

Aunt Tiffy got Wyatt to go on the ride again

She told him to scream as loud as he could if he was scared.

She even got him to go on the ship again.

Lazer tag

Indoor miniature golf

Mom & Jay the newlyweds!

With all the grandkids minus Owen (so wish they could have come, we missed you guys.