Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Special Visitor

On Monday night we had a very special visitor come and stay the night, GRANDMA GREAT! We haven't seen her since we moved in August last year. The boys were so excited to see her. They use to go over to her house and visit and play EVERYDAY since we lived on the same property. We were so thrilled that she stopped by to see us. She gave the boys some zoo animals that they just love and haven't stopped playing with. We only had her here for one night but we were able to show her Ken and Sandi's land that they are buying, the Shoshone Falls, Dierke's Lake (which a family of skunks were running around, I have never seen a live skunk only dead ones on the road), we also drove by the Twin Falls Temple. The next day (Tuesday) we took her to the town Kimberley to the quilt store, and then from there she had to head back to Utah for a couple more days and then back home to Colorado. We loved having her here, even if it was less than 24 hours we enjoyed spending every minute with her. We love you and miss you Grandma Great!